Christmas Cakes – Decoration Ideas

The bells, gifts and Santa Claus can be associated with only one festival and that is Christmas. The Christmas holidays are a time for a fiesta and lots of sweet desserts. The Christmas cake definitely is on top of the list and it can be made very decorative with candy umbrellas pops, 3-D Santa, Christmas tree as also snowman in fondant. The cupcakes of muffins can be decorated with the traditional cherries and holly leaves leaving the onlookers impatient to have one in their mouths. Images of Santa and the Reindeer can be drawn on smaller frosty Christmas cakes. Continue reading Christmas Cakes – Decoration Ideas

Spongebob cakes – Decoration Ideas

The Nickelodeon characters are the most popular with children of this generation. Especially the sponge bob square pants having a magnetic appeal just steals the show and are loved by the kids for being very entertaining. The yellow SpongeBob can be showcased in 3-D with fondant along with his friends in varied expressions of happiness. The cupcakes of SpongeBob’s are indeed a novelty. The pineapple where the character lives needs a definite portrayal in the cake along with the underwater creatures for a decoration with an extra appeal. As far as possible keeping all decorations edible can make the cake noteworthy. Continue reading Spongebob cakes – Decoration Ideas

Bridal Shower Cakes – Decoration Ideas

The brides-to-be are in the seventh heaven and all geared up for the D-day. However, along with nice gift ideas for the bridal shower, the bride’s maid is busy searching for new ideas for a great and memorable bridal shower party cake which is an expression to bestow the best wishes to the engaged couple. The exceptional cake designed for the bridal shower occasion can feature a nice wedding dress covered with roses. The naughty factor can be mixed with cake toppers decorated as baby boy or cute love birds. The decorations on the side of the cake can include a swirling chain of roses covering the three tiers. Continue reading Bridal Shower Cakes – Decoration Ideas

Barbie Cakes – Decoration Ideas

Barbie’s are the girl’s best friends. If you are exhausted with good and easy theme ideas for the birthday party of your daughter, a Barbie themed cake will always be a super hit and will be loved by your daughter. One must be extra careful with regards finishing of the luxurious, elegant cakes decorating the long, wide dresses with rosy ruffles or one can use their imagination to make enchanting designs on the dress which is the main highlight of the cake. Barbie cupcakes made of vanilla fondant just taste and look out of the world. Making wings or a mermaid tail for the Barbie can give a nice twist and uniqueness. Continue reading Barbie Cakes – Decoration Ideas

Monster High Cakes – Decoration Ideas

The world of horror is made very interesting by the monster high dolls each having a supernatural talent and taste. The Halloween theme or a wedding occasion or birthday party of a girl not very young can be made awesome and cool with the Monster high cakes featuring Claudine wolf. The young ones might be horrified looking at the drawings of Dracula as also skeleton doll as a cake topper. The fondant cake with nice checkered borders in purple can be complemented with a monster high logo in the centre of the cake tiers. A rose ruffle cake can also look and taste great with star and skeleton pops. Continue reading Monster High Cakes – Decoration Ideas

Easter Cakes – Decoration Ideas

The religious faith on the happy day when the Jesus resurrected is all the more bolstered with a party and feast in the evening with other Christian fellow mates. The party definitely calls for a cake especially themed for this auspicious occasion. The cakes in the shape of the colorful Easter eggs with lots of candy decorations on a chocolate baked cake can tickle the taste buds for sure. The edible Easter basket cakes can be used to stuff in lots of chocolate butter cream with fondant chicks and bunnies enlightening the whole show of the cake. Continue reading Easter Cakes – Decoration Ideas

Baptism Cakes – Decoration Ideas

The Christians holy concept of Baptism where water is sprinkled on the kid’s forehead before the naming ceremony for the new born is definitely a joyful occasion. The joyous occasion definitely calls for a nice decorated cake with the cross sign symbolizing the blessings of the holy Jesus Christ. A pink ruffle cake suitable for girl kids can have a rose or bow or the name in 3D fondant boxes as a cake topper. The image of the baby can be printed on the frosted sheets too. The cake can resemble a fairy tale with mesmerizing fondant fairies on the cake with the sleeping baby. Continue reading Baptism Cakes – Decoration Ideas

My Little Pony Cakes – Decoration Ideas

It is not an exaggeration when daughters love the angel like cute ponies from the My Little Pony entertainment series more than the boys. The adorable images of these ponies can be drawn on the cake on the birthdays of your sweetie pies. A rainbow effect created with the right color combination can create a magical effect. The rainbow with the pony figures from edible fondant rolls can be made as the cake topper. The cloud cake pops can definitely bring the characteristics of this animated pony in the right light. The fondant balls can make a decorative border of a two or three tier cake. Continue reading My Little Pony Cakes – Decoration Ideas

Sweet 16 Cakes – Decoration Ideas

Sweet sixteenth birthdays can be far sweeter with cakes and parties. The girl grooming and blooming as beautiful ladies needs to be pampered with an authentic luxury treatment via a nicely carved and decorated cake reflecting their teenage personality by shaping the cakes into fashion wear. The décor definitely stands incomplete without flowers and different color schemes. If no other colors, pink definitely charms the ladies. A three tier cake definitely can be lovely with cupcakes, ribbons, feathers as also covered in a raspberry butter cream. New techniques like airbrushing, icing with neon shades, making cheetah prints can help give a bold statement. Continue reading Sweet 16 Cakes – Decoration Ideas

Tie Dye Cakes – Decoration Ideas

Colors add happiness in life. The dawn of a new year or a Christmas party and even any occasion related to babies are happy moments which needs to cherished with parties and cakes themed with tie dye cakes which are apt to create a rainbow effect and the right party mood. A mix of icing colors in a cake pan can have a miraculous effect and give the fun of having different colored and flavored cakes in one cake. One can have the swirl designs in different colors with chocolate inside to give a rocking start of a party. Continue reading Tie Dye Cakes – Decoration Ideas