Divorce Cakes – Decoration Ideas

Divorce – for some it is all about sadness and grief, but there are people who take it in a different way. Divorce makes them happy as the ‘tangle’ is finally over. If you are thinking of celebrating a divorce with a cake, then go for it. Have a look at the following pictures to get some ideas how they must look like. Some of them would remind you of your ex, while some would prefer hilarious cakes. Continue reading Divorce Cakes – Decoration Ideas

40th Birthday Cakes – Decoration Ideas

A 40th birthday is obviously a special occasion. But to celebrate this occasion, you need a special cake. Well, the appearance of 40th birthday cakes can be very simple or very fancy – everything depends on the person you are making it for. If you are making it for a ‘serious’ person, then make a simple one; and if you are making it for a ‘fun’ person, then you can obviously make a fancy one. If you are opting for a less fancy one, then just choose a color as a theme. Continue reading 40th Birthday Cakes – Decoration Ideas

Engagement Cakes – Decoration Ideas

Engagement, like wedding, is a special day for most couples. You can choose any theme as your engagement cake, but just keep in mind that the cake must reflect love. It may be a simple heart shape cake or a round or square cake with a ring shape on top. Have a look at the following picture so that you can get an idea how they must look like. You can take inspiration from here, and then apply your own ideas to give it a unique appearance. In most cases, they tend to be primarily white, but if you want to give a fancy appearance, then a little bit of another color(s) can also be added depending on your theme. Continue reading Engagement Cakes – Decoration Ideas

Doll Cakes – Decoration Ideas

If you are thinking an interesting theme for your little daughter’s birthday cake, then try Doll theme cake. With all the intricate details, it is not easy to make a Doll theme birthday cake, but a little effort from your side might just surprise your daughter. Here we have presented several pictures of Doll theme cakes for you to have a look to know how you can decorate it. Pink, most girls’ favorite color, tends to be selected by everyone, but if your little girl likes other color, then feel free to apply another color on the doll figurine. The toughest thing tends to be decorating the gowns. You can also create Barbie theme doll cake. Continue reading Doll Cakes – Decoration Ideas

Ladybug Cakes – Decoration Ideas

Ladybugs – they are not just popular for red and black colors, but they are also popular for their ‘cute’ appearance. If you are thinking about a birthday cake theme cake for your daughter, then try Ladybug theme cake this time. Making a ladybug is quite simple. Have a look at the following pictures that would help you to get an idea as how Ladybug theme cakes are decorated. Instead of red, you can use pink as a primary color of the cake. In fact, you can also change the color of the ‘dots’ to give it a unique appearance. Continue reading Ladybug Cakes – Decoration Ideas

Peacock Cakes – Decoration Ideas

Peacock, the national bird of India, is simply a beautiful creature especially because of their feather colors that would simply keep you mesmerized. If you are thinking to make a beautiful and colorful cake for your kid’s birthday, then try Peacock theme cake this time. Well, they are not all easy to make, may be a bit time consuming because of all the intricate details and color combinations, but you would simply be happy with yourself if you can pull off a cake with fine details. If you think that making a peacock figurine would be a bit tough, then just decorate with peacock’s feather colors. To give it a different look, feel free to use other colors as well. Continue reading Peacock Cakes – Decoration Ideas

Panda Cakes – Decoration Ideas

If you are confused about the cake theme for your kid’s birthday, then it is time for you to get your hand into making Panda theme cakes. Pandas are gentle and meek creatures, and we are sure your kid would not say no to a Panda cake. Mostly they are easy to make. You can make little Panda figure cake or make a simple and ‘draw’ a huge Panda face on top of it. The Panda theme cake has actually become popular after the release of the film Kung Fu Panda. Along with a birthday cake, it would also be better if you make Panda cupcakes for guests. Continue reading Panda Cakes – Decoration Ideas

Horse Cakes – Decoration Ideas

It is hard to find kids who do not like animals. If you are confused about the cake theme for your kid’s birthday, then try Horse theme cake this time. Like all animal theme cakes, making a horse theme cake could be a bit time consuming. In general, the Horse figure in the Horse cake tends to be white, black or brown, but if you want to give a colorful appearance, then you can apply different colors. You can make a miniature Horse figurine or ‘create’ a horse head on the top of a simple cake. You can also make Horse theme cupcakes. Continue reading Horse Cakes – Decoration Ideas

Hawaiian Cakes – Decoration Ideas

Hawaii is a popular tourist destination, mainly among US tourists. When the name Hawaii comes to mind, the first thing we think of is all the fun and frolic on the beach. Keeping the fun and frolic in mind, Hawaiian cakes, i.e. Hawaii theme cakes has also become popular not just for theme parties, but also birthday parties or wedding ceremonies. Here we have offered some magnificent pictures of Hawaiian cakes so that you would get an idea how they would look like. You can also have take inspiration from the following pictures and apply some ideas of your own. Continue reading Hawaiian Cakes – Decoration Ideas