Jungle Cakes – Decoration Ideas

The toddlers need a special treatment and celebrations on their birthdays. The cute little angels can be delighted to see monkeys, giraffes and such animals on their birthday cakes themed on Jungle. The cartoon animal’s cuteness is comparable to that of the kids and hence such cakes can be a part of the baby shower parties too. A colorful pound cake or a two tier cake can be decorated using imagination with a pond, trees and animals which can be drawn and painted or made in 3D with fondant sugar icing is a real patient job which can be made easy with practice. Continue reading Jungle Cakes – Decoration Ideas

Skateboard Cakes – Decoration Ideas

Giving souvenirs to the champions in sports is a common trend. However, special treats with a skateboard cake theme desert can make for an everlasting, memorable surprise birthday party for a skating champ friend. Some decoration ideas include pasting the airbrush decorated or dyed skateboard with gum paste on the pound cake. Icing with butter cream can give a good taste and nice artwork. A giant skateboard detailing can take a good amount of time but can be a good one for a bigger party. Some frost effects and wheels can make the cake look complete and real. Continue reading Skateboard Cakes – Decoration Ideas

Jack Skellington Cakes – Decoration Ideas

The Christmas Halloween parties are incomplete without the pumpkins and the pumpkin king Jack Skellington of the Nightmare before Christmas series fame. Special cakes customized and themed on this intimidating, shrewd, wicked character can definitely give Goosebumps to the onlookers. The decorative cake pops of Jack can look wicked and effective with the fondant bats, moon suitable for the Halloween nights. Romantic dates or wedding days can be celebrated with a nice fondant cake showcasing wedlock of jack and sally on the moon as a cake topper. Purple and such dark colors can look dazzling than the common black and white Halloween cakes. Continue reading Jack Skellington Cakes – Decoration Ideas

Fishing Cakes – Decoration Ideas

The fishing is a pastime hobby for many. You can celebrate your husbands or your grandfather’s birthday by portraying the birthday boy on the cake doing his favorite pastime fishing activity. Such cake themes definitely make one reflect and reminisce their youth especially for the old people. The extravagant decorations make the cake all the more attractive and also yummy. A fondant turns out to be a great decoration material for figures. The fisherman with an angling fishing rod can be a great fishing cupcake. Also, colors used like green, blue and chocolate brown with frozen icing can depict a realistic muddy pond with fishes. Continue reading Fishing Cakes – Decoration Ideas

Betty Boop Cakes – Decoration Ideas

The stylish Betty Boop definitely has an impressive air which draws attention. Your stylish daughter on her 18th birthday will be left awestruck to find her inspirational cartoon figure in the sexiest avatar on her birthday cake. The hen parties or a birthday party of close suave aunty in her 40’s can also have this extravagant theme on the cakes. Garnishing these cakes can be a task as the Betty Boop needs to be hand painted with the cake gel colors. Besides one can have a starry or a heart shaped cake pops and also draw some hearts and lips on this vanilla cake with white icing. Continue reading Betty Boop Cakes – Decoration Ideas

Bumble Bee Cakes – Decoration Ideas

Mostly nowadays all the parties have a dedicated theme, hence from the dress code till the cake, everything is set as per the theme. The cartoon of a round, attractive yellow and black Bumble bee sitting on a cute white flower is loved by the kids. Also, the yellow and black are perfect neutral color choices for a baby shower party; hence the bumble bee theme can be best for such occasions. These fat Fondant bees definitely look adorable as a cake pop during the kid’s birthday parties. It is better to have only the vibrant combination of yellow and black color in case of cupcakes. Continue reading Bumble Bee Cakes – Decoration Ideas

Safari Cakes – Decoration Ideas

Jungle Safaris open a world of nature with a variety of animals, trees and adventure for the kids. The kids who fantasies this Safaris can have the elephants, tigers and the whole jungle at home on the birthday cake. This looks stunning even as a baby shower cake theme. The Safari cakes are fun to make especially when strategizing the placement of the animals. Normally one can prefer a vanilla stacked cake, each layer dyed colorfully identifying a certain animal like the zebra stripes on the first, and giraffe print on the second. The top layer can be reserved for the fondant mould of a tree or a cute elephant. Continue reading Safari Cakes – Decoration Ideas

Barney Cakes – Decoration Ideas

The cute purple dinosaurs like Barney are still remembered as an awesome friendly cartoon character loved by kids. Kids who do not skip any of the episodes of Barney serial want these friends of theirs to be always there with them. The parents can give a priceless surprise with a Barney theme cake on the birthday of their Apple of eye. The Barney along with his two friends can also be molded in fondant in the course of cake decoration and placed as a cake topper. A colorful striped cake can gel well with the cute cartoon dinosaurs to make an awesome decorative cake. Continue reading Barney Cakes – Decoration Ideas

Pacman Cakes – Decoration Ideas

The game of Pacman is a hit among the kids and also the adults. The Pacman and beer have been fascinating prints found many times on adult T-shirts. The popularity of the game definitely has charmed the people with a fetish for cake making. The kids who love this game can be overwhelmed to see the whole board of the game on the cake. The candles can be inserted on the even layered cool cupcakes with the figures molded in fondant or sponge. The more the number of colors and a chocolate base can be mouth watering and also eye-catchy. Continue reading Pacman Cakes – Decoration Ideas

Frog Cakes – Decoration Ideas

The jumping frogs in the rainy season often make the kids go crazy. The frog cupcakes or pastries also have a nice charm among the kids. The passionate cake decorators can make a real nice shape in real time and also use a number of colors to showcase a huge tree frog cake which is too cute to eat. The sponge cake shaped in a cute green, animated frog theme can be a marvelous one for the kids birthday bash. The frogs can be used as a topper on a pond cake made in blue fondant or sugar icing. Continue reading Frog Cakes – Decoration Ideas